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with Troubadour Storyteller Ben Fairlight.

» Stories for Entertainment

Performances of all kinds of stories / all occasions / all venues / all ages

"Ben Fairlight captivated the minds of children with his performed stories...He is at the top of his craft, which is why he has been invited to return to entertain at the festival once again."

The Black Horse Music Festival

» Stories for Personal Growth

Your Life as a Story / Creative Writing / Performance / Presentation Skills

"Ben comes as our storyteller, singer, musician, poet, therapist and workshop leader and even as our First Aid officer! He brings so much talent and skill to the whole community as well as being a great listener and healer. There is often much laughter around when Ben is performing."

Vera Waters, Programme Director, The Wishing Tree Trust

» Stories for Business, Community & Team Building

Story Work & Narrative in Business / Creating Collective Myth

"Ben Fairlight captivates an audience - his story-telling has an unpredictable yet captivating quality which urges you to accompany him on his journey into the world of imagination. On a practical business level it parallels the need for brands to tell compelling stories and the metaphor in Ben's powerful story telling would benefit any business trying to 'tell a better story' with its brand/advertising message."

Martin Holme, Quest International

» Stories for Learning

Schools / Education / Training / Study skills

"On Tuesday, 31st January, we were delighted to welcome local storyteller Ben Fairlight, who not only entertained us with his stories, but also worked with each class, developing their imaginative skills, which provided the starting point for their own stories. It proved to be a very entertaining day and a great deal of fun for all involved."

Crowhurst Primary School