Stories for Personal Growth

Your life as a story / creative writing / performance / presentation skills
- and Learning Storytelling Skills

We all have a story to tell.
Every day there are new stories in our lives. Honouring our stories is a way of honouring our selves, our place in life and society and the world.
Every moment, even seemingly mundane, meaningless things, belong to the Great Story of our lives - and each of our lives is part of an even greater story...
Though we may not feel it, we all belong - and our context is Life itself!

Story work - listening, sharing, creating stories - brings fresh air, light and nourishment to parts of us that long to breathe again: it is naturally therapeutic.

Workshops / Courses
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Sacred Steps
Stories in Our Landscape
Deep Ecology
Learning Storytelling Skills

Sacred Steps - a process of walking, observing, talking and being heard.

If we allow it, every step we take is special. If you want, every thought, every intent, every moment is sacred. And, whatever you intend, maybe it's only a step away... Heightening our awareness with Qi Gong, Bothmer movement, walking meditation, and simple joyful strolling in the landscape, we will remind ourselves how to walk in beauty. The more we apply this approach to everything we do, the more we can "Walk in Beauty; Walk out Beauty".

Stories in Our Landscape

They say that to walk in the landscape without enjoying its beauty is to be like an unlit candle. In learning basic elements of storytelling, we will walk on this beautiful land, telling, sharing and creating stories about people, land & sea. Quite naturally, we will be bringing stories and wisdom from our own inner landscapes.

There won't be an unlit candle in the place!

Qi Gong

Qi Gong means 'Energy exercise'. It is easy to learn - and we do it best by relaxing. Sometimes moving, sometimes being still (and sometimes doing both together!), we will learn a set of simple Tai Chi Qi Gong exercises, which we can take home with us. Adding some Kinesiology, Bothmer and other movement awareness exercise, this workshop brings us to ourselves and to our own natural flow of energy and relaxation.


"Ben Fairlight comes as our storyteller, singer, musician, poet, therapist and workshop leader and even as our First Aid officer! He brings so much talent and skill to the whole community as well as being a great listener and healer! There is often much laughter around when Ben is performing..."

Vera Waters, Programme Director, The Wishing Tree Trust

"Ben has been, and continues to be, an integral part of the Sara Lee Centre's Story of the Seasons and Natural Rhythms projects. Through his story work, he has enhanced our therapeutic qualities of narrative and nature. The participants have found his input inspiring, relevant and helpful."

Deborah Whitehead, Sara Lee Trust