Stories for Business, Community & Team Building

Story Work & Narrative in business / Creating Collective Myth
- and Learning Storytelling Skills

Narrative & Leadership

Stories can unite or divide people. Finding and creating a common story forms strong bonds, deepens common identity, focuses aims.
Co-creating a uniting, living story, with on-going feedback on its accuracy, appropriateness and application in all work areas can maintain productive communication between corporate levels, partners and customers.
In business, sport, education - and all situations where achieving a goal is the goal - story work can prepare us for the task ahead.
We all have storytelling skills. The work offered here is designed to develop and hone them to increasing advantage in your company.

"..narratives turn out to be more apt than analysis for the communication of very complex ideas."

Stephen Denning, in The Springboard: How Storytelling ignites Action.

The journey of a good story, its adventures and trials, the archetypal deeds, challenges and characters encountered mirror the process by which we succeed or fail.
Sensing these elements in our work helps gain and maintain an overview, detect and correct possible shortfalls as they arise.

The questions:

  • "What's the story?"
  • "Where are we in the story?"
  • "Do we want to change our story?"

are essential organisational tools of success. Improve your storytelling skills.


"Ben Fairlight captivates an audience - his story-telling has an unpredictable yet captivating quality which urges you to accompany him on his journey into the world of imagination. On a practical business level, it parallels the need for brands to tell compelling stories, and the metaphor in Ben's powerful story telling would benefit any business trying to 'tell a better story' with its brand/advertising message."

Martin Holme, Quest International

"Ben has been, and continues to be, an integral part of the Sara Lee Centre's Story of the Seasons and Natural Rhythms projects. Through his story work, he has enhanced our therapeutic qualities of narrative and nature. The participants have found his input inspiring, relevant and helpful."

Deborah Whitehead, Sara Lee Trust

"We recently contracted BEN FAIRLIGHT as a story teller for one of our CAMBER FAMILY WORKSHOPS and were extremely pleased with his work.
We would happily work with Ben again and have recommended him to other organisations".

Saffron Summerfield, Director / Artist, Tempo Arts, Sept. 2007

A Nourishing Process

Einstein said: " elements of thought are...images."
Creating inner pictures, strengthening our mind's eye, boosts not only our mental, but also our emotional and physical powers. The multi-dimensional presence of live storytelling (body language, voice modulation, rhythm, music, choice words, 'atmosphere', etc) is a powerful stimulus for multi-dimensional thinking.
With this work, we use not only listening to stories, but also relaxation, visualisation and creating artwork.

Visualisation comes in many forms and is used here, with or without music, to help us access relaxed, creative focus.
As a complement to other story work, these sessions help widen ideas on visioning and looking to the future.
Sometimes we resist using words, rest quietly, because images and stories and visions are, like dreams, best digested slowly. That way, their message and truth is distilled or gestated...until the key symbols or words are ready to emerge.
Autogenic Training is the person-centred, self-help, relaxation technique for developing mindfulness, centredness and creative focus. It is taught in a series of 6-10 sequential sessions, usually in small groups, usually apart from other work.
It is akin to self-hypnosis and meditation, but has many advantages, especially in being completely and personally adaptable.

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